Two Tiny Mysteries from the Newspaper

Browsing the small ads of the London Times is always amusing, as much in 1827 as now.  In the first of these, you can almost smell the emotional blackmail.  I wonder if poor T.F. went back — I suspect not.  The ad for Fanny Saunders is of a surprisingly common type.  Apparently they were uninclined to say “You have come into an inheritance”; instead they give mysterious hintings.  The phrase “If Fanny Saunders … should be living” reminds us of how difficult it was, without centralized record-keeping or Google, to know even basic information such as whether someone was dead or alive.

Two small ads from the Times (London), 1827:

 T. F. will have to charge himself with having broken his mother’s heart, unless he returns home immediately; but if he will COME BACK, his fault will not only be pardoned, but the utmost kindness will be shown to him, and every means employed to conduce to his comfort.


If FANNY  SAUNDERS, of Greenwich, whose maiden name was Abbott, and a native of Northamptonshire, should be living, she may HEAR of SOMETHING to her ADVANTAGE, by addressing a letter, post paid, to Mr. R. H. Taylor, 16, Bull-ring, Birmingham.


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